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Water Leaf Writing
Anne (A.E.) Raustol

 Writer, College Essay Coach, Creative Writing Coach, Editor 

I help you plant and prune your right words
to get you where you want to go.

Asheville, NC

“Writing is a delicious agony.”
—Gwendolyn Brooks

Water Leaf Writing was born out of my love of words and stories, my desire to share what I know and the belief that writing in community with people of diverse backgrounds and ages makes life more bearable and abundant.


Water Leaf Creative offers editing, coaching, and writing support for high school students, college students or anyone on the precipice of transition who has a writing task looming such as college application essays and job applications. My approach is based on the philosophy that everyone can learn to write more effectively. To that end, I am passionate about helping individuals see what is already working while targeting growth areas. Furthermore, writing required of us during these important transitional moments in our lives usually involves telling stories and honing in on who we are and what we want. You are the protagonist of your story. Let me help you craft your voice and get where you want to go.


My vision is to provide services and create a space where everyone’s creative voice is welcome, where learning and growth are possible through the "delicious" and sometimes agonizing journey of writing. Imagine a leaf on the water. The leaf is evidence of a life that began in the murky darkness and emerged, unwilling to stay unseen and unheard. Imagine a landscape that at first glance appears lifeless or a building that once held life and purpose but is now turned into art.

"Then the delight, when your courage kindled, and out of you stepped onto new ground, your eyes young again with energy and a dream. A path of plentitude opening before you." ~John O'Donohu

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