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College Essay Coaching

Skip the college planning battles and let me help you smooth out the process of what's next and create more peace during a hard transitional time. Wherever you are in the process, I am here to support you. I tailor my offerings to meet your needs. I can help you tell your story, support you in the application process, help you find clarity about what you want and where you want to go, and confidently begin the next phase of your life!

What I Offer:

  • Essay Coaching, encouragement, feedback, editing

  • General next steps, decision-making and application coaching

  • Deadline Management (spreadsheet creation support, time management, research)


Ways to Work With Me:

As Needed Services:

  • Pre-Writing Plan Support

  • Coaching Meetings 

  • Editing and coaching from where you are to the end product.

  • Hourly rate of $50


1. Editing and coaching to complete the personal statement and up to five schools. Two Zoom meetings or in-person. 

Investment:  $1000


2. Editing coaching to complete the personal statement and supplemental essays for up to 10 schools. Two Zoom or in-person meetings.

Investment: $1250.00 ​

3. Editing and coaching to complete the personal statement, supplemental essays, decision-making coaching, and deadline management. Unlimited number of schools and unlimited meetings.

Investment: $1500


Get Started:  Click below to get on my calendar for a free exploratory chat!


"Spend a little more time making something of yourself and a little less time trying to impress people."
The Breakfast Club


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