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Anne (A.E.) Raustol

Not only do I love writing stories, but I also love helping other people dredge up their own, whether on paper or swirling in the air over a walk, cup of coffee, wine, or a shared meal. Or on a porch swing with my grandmother. My favorite time spent with friends or family involves the telling of deep, harrowing stories involving embarrassment, sadness, mistakes, redemption, terror, secrets, adventure, or deep passion.


Some random things about me: I love dichotomies. Humor side by side with sadness is literary brilliance. I have a twin brother who was my first best friend. I write to escape. To create worlds I want to dive into. Characters who are good and bad and everything in between. I love hiking with my dogs and watching them run up and down the trail. I love watching my children from afar being themselves in the world. 

I wrote a YA novel called A Portrait of Us which is based on my father's death of AIDS in 1989. Every single character represents a small part of me and is entirely separate from me at the exact same time. I'm trying to find someone to believe in it as much as I do. I've decided my next novel will be a quest-driven mystery without a murder. Can a story exist without also being a quest?

First grade Anne in the coolest mustard scarf and hair perfectly framing her face. Like a soft helmet. 1981 
My three children in Wyoming, conversing with horses. 2016
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