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Not only do I love writing stories, but I also love helping other people dredge up their own, whether on paper or swirling in the air over a walk, cup of coffee, wine, or a shared meal. Or on a porch swing with my grandmother. My favorite time spent with friends or family involves the telling of deep, harrowing stories involving embarrassment, sadness, mistakes, redemption, terror, secrets, adventure, or deep passion. I love the dichotomy of everything.

Random facts about me: I have a twin brother. Norway is my second home. Laughing for an awkwardly long time is my favorite. Because I struggle with depression, belly laughing happens far too seldom, so one of my writing goals is to find humor in every single moment. Or hire a comedian to come to my house the way some people hire house-cleaners. Humor side by side with sadness is literary brilliance, in my opinion. One without the other is just too much. Or too little?

I have an MFA in Writing and Literature from Bennington College and a BA in Psychology from the University of Tennessee. I have stories and essays published in various literary magazines and am looking for an agent for my young adult novel, The Smell of Bacon (And Other Things that Linger).

I am a mother of three beautiful children: Isabel, Espen, and Oliver and a dog named Lucy who my children think is an Enneagram Four like me, which means she has a certain melancholic sensibility with a daily need for neck burrowing and long bouts of looking out the window. 


Also, I love donuts.

Also number two, this is one of my favorite pictures of my children taken in Wyoming many years ago.

“I am glad you are here with me. Here at the end of all things, Sam.”

J.R.R. Tolkien, The Return of the King

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